Ask Miserly Moms: Cooking for One

by Jonni McCoy

Q I am a mom of six, grandmother of fifteen and a great grandmother of one and I thought I knew all the tricks but find myself at a loss now that I am retired and alone. I can't seem to find recipes that are for one (and I don't mean one that lives in a palace). Any hints for us grandmas that are divorced, retired and would still like to have a few pennies left over each month. Thanks for any help you may be. ~ Rose Marie Holden

A The tricks you have used in the past still can apply with some minor adjustments. I would still plan menus around the sale items (loss leaders) at the store, and cook as you usually did. I would then freeze what you didn't eat into meal sized portions. So one dinner that you cooked may turn into 6 dinners for you. By freezing them into meal sized portions, you won't waste much when you thaw some for another meal. This also allows you to have the leftovers when you won't mind eating them again.

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