Entertainment for Children on Long Trips

by Sarah Delaporte

Kids love going on vacation, but long car rides can be a bore. Here are some tips to help your child look forward to the long trips in the car.

The best idea is to create a travel kit for your child. In the travel bag include the "necessary" items such as pens, pencils, crayons, travel games and writing paper. These are important for a child to stay entertained on a trip. However, other items are necessary to spice up a trip. The best idea is to find small and inexpensive items with a lot of play value.

Don't Spend a Fortune!

Here are some ideas:

  • Visit your local Dollar Store. Don't just buy any item. Be sure to ask yourself, "How long will this item keep my child's attention?"

  • Buy some Colorforms. These are great to stick on windows. Don't buy too many, because they can cause a mess. Just one set will do. Children will enjoy using the Colorform characters to act out scenes.

  • Buy snacks for on the trip. Pick snacks that don't cause crumbs and are easy to pack. Some suggestions are fruit roll-ups, grapes, apples, juice boxes with juice box holders, carrots and celery.

  • Buy a roll of Scotch tape for your child. This will keep your child's attention for hours. They can tape their mouth shut and try to talk to one another. They will also put tape on the windows and tape together paper to create masterpieces.

  • Buy a book for them to read on the trip and save it for the trip.

  • Wrap the items you bring with on the trip. Inexpensive wrapping paper or placing the items in lunch sack bags creates interest. An item is always more fun if the child doesn't know what it is ahead of time.

  • Bring along some stencils.

  • Sing songs and play games on your trip.

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