Love Those Leftovers

by MaryBeth Henry and Amanda Formaro

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As the main chef in our family, I often find that I have lots of little leftovers sitting in the fridge by the end of the week. Here are a couple ideas on how to use them up:

  1. Use the smaller portions for lunch. You can brown bag them and save the cost of buying lunch.
  2. Have a "menu dinner day" with the kids. Make up paper menus with a list of all the leftovers on it, and let the kids "order" what they want for dinner. (Yes, you get stuck with what no one else wanted!)
  3. Make something new! Add variety to your diet by taking some of the different leftovers and making them into something new. Have a few leftover hot dogs and some cooked spaghetti? How about throwing the hotdogs into tomato sauce on top of the spaghetti? Some leftover meat and potatoes? Mix the meat into gravy and put it over the potatoes. Leftover turkey, peas and noodles? Mix it all together into a casserole (throw in some Italian dressing and it makes a great summer salad!)
  4. Extend leftover meat by mixing it with pasta or potatoes and turning it into a casserole. Throw in some cheese or vegetables for added taste and color.

With some creative cooking, you can get that refrigerator cleaned out in no time!

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