The Best Cookware

by Debbie Zervas

A way to save a great deal of money over the years on kitchen cookware and other items is to buy professional quality items. By going to a restaurant supply store you can get stainless steel, heavyweight cookware that lasts for years, can be scrubbed with whatever is needed to clean it properly without damaging it, and is safer to use.

You may pay more for items like specialty pans, sheet cake and round cake pans, and other cookware, but they last forever. I got smart after watching a friend use these high quality items she was given. Now my cookie sheets and other items will probably never need replacing. When I used the brands you see at Wal-Mart I was replacing about every 18-24 months because the non-stick coating would start to peel off. Plus the dishwasher warped the pans and food did not cook evenly.

This cookware is safer because it is much more rigid. It will not give way under the weight of a heavy casserole and dump hot food (or grease!) onto your hand. I have several pans I paid only $8-20 for about 15 years ago and they still look almost new. Some of the restaurant supply places now cater a bit more to home cooks, and you may be able to return anything that doesn't work out. Do measure the height, width and depth of your oven, and measure how large your stovetop burners are and the amount of space between them. Many professional items are simply too large to fit and it is best to find this out BEFORE you are trying to use the item.

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