Kids + Clothes = Mess, Not!

by Barbara Stacy

We have 6 children (5 boys and 1 girl). Laundry seems to be never ending here. I have found a little idea that helps save time and maybe a little sanity as well...

I bought a few boxes of the gallon zipper-type baggies. Each child's name is written on a certain number of baggies in permanent marker. The clean clothes are folded neatly and put into the proper bag in "outfits" (shirt & shorts/pants, etc.). This makes it easier for them to get dressed each day and is definitely a heaven sent idea when packing for a trip.

Each child in our family has an assigned color. Everything belonging to a certain child is that child's color...tooth brush, towel & wash cloth, the dot on the heel of the socks, the dot on the waistband of the undies, etc. This helps them be sure to use the proper items, but also lets mom and dad know who isn't putting things away properly.

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