PoochNooz! PoochGranny's Home Remedies

No guarantees or warranties but may be worth a try! (If you get desperate!)

  1. Your Pooch have bad breath?? YUCK! Try giving your pet small pieces of carrot--if you cannot or will not brush their teeth! Might help!
  2. Your Pooch constipated? True Grape Nuts Flakes! That's right, Grape Nuts Flakes! Dietary fiber for your Pooch right from your pantry! Small amounts could not hurt!
  3. Pooch with diarrhea? Try Gatorade! Has lots of minerals including Sodium and Potassium. You may have to try several flavors to find one your Pooch likes.
  4. Flatulence? (Otherwise known as odorific stomach gas!) Try small amounts (teaspoon or two) of Yogurt. Pooches usually like it and it might help!
  5. With Winter coming, some Pooches get ice balls between their toes after an outside walk or romp. Just use your hair dryer to melt them! (not too close to the paw, now!)

Remember, PoochGranny says: if you have any doubts or are chicken about trying any of these--CALL YOUR VET!

PoochNooz! is provided courtesy of the PoochNooz! newsletter. You can subscribe and find past issues flintdogfood.com. Don't wait for your dog to recommend PoochNooz!. Take the initiative and subscribe before they ask!

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