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Here at The Dollar Stretcher we believe in getting good value for the money we spend. Sometimes that leads us to great sales. Other times we find good rebates or coupons. We like to share them with our friends. That's what "Savvy Savings at TDS" is all about. Sharing good deals that you might like.

We'll try to do that in a way that's easy and respects your time. If a coupon requires you to register we'll let you know before you start clicking on something. The goal is to help you quickly make a decision as to whether you want to get that specific deal, rebate or coupon.

We don't promise to publish on any given schedule. In part because we can't schedule when we'll see something that's really good. So we may send out something every day for awhile and then only a few times in a week. Just depends on what we find.

So please join us as we search for and share some of the best bargains available for Dollar Stretchers!

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