Great costume ideas for teens

Costumes for Teens

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Halloween Costumes for Teens

My teenage son was going to a party (last minute notice, of course) and the problem was solved when I made up a mixture of thin self-rising dough and water. I put this on his face and dried it with a hair dryer. The result was a wrinkled bubbled effect and around the eye holes we used my darkest blue-gray eye shadow mixed here and there with a little fire engine red lipstick that was smeared just a little. We threw a sheet over him with one hand and arm in a red sock and wrapped it loosely in a piece of cheesecloth (dangling of course).

When we cleaned the mixture off later with warm water and cold cream, guess what? His acne was reduced to a noticeable degree and his face was as smooth and clear as if he had had a very expensive facial!

Teen Pirate Costume

My mother is a belly dancer, and the one thing I have noticed is that hip scarves can be used 101 ways. For a male, you could put one on your head like a bandana to have an almost pirate effect, and one around your waist. Add some baggie pants and a sleeveless shirt and you will look like Aladdin!

Teen Inmate Costume

One thing my brother and I did in high school one year was go as jail inmates. We wore white sweatshirts and sweat pants, then took a roll of electrical tape and made stripes. We stayed warm and still had pretty cool costumes.

Cruella Deville Costume

I found a dress at a thrift store that was black on top with black polka dots on the bottom and paid $4 for it. I purchased two yards of Dalmatian sleepwear fabric from a fabric store at $1.98 per yard for a stole and a bride of Frankenstein wig (black with a large white streak through it). I bought a long dowel to use as a cigarette holder and painted the last five inches white with a red tip to simulate a cigarette. I used my own black high heels.

Unique and Cheap Costume Idea

I saw someone do this in college, and it's a great and clever idea for a costume. Be a teabag!

2 large white tall kitchen garbage bags
Some dry fall leaves
Piece of cardboard (preferably white)
Long piece of string
Some magic markers or crayons

Fill white garbage bags about 1/3 full of dry fall leaves. Staple the tops together at the ends. Cut out a hole big enough for your head. Use the cardboard and magic markers to draw a close approximation of your favorite tea bag brand. Staple the piece of string to it, and tie it around your neck or clip to a barrette.

This costume is also very comfortable. Wear neutral clothes underneath, so you don't distract from the costume.

Teen Space Alien Costume

Purchase extra-large silver trash bag. Cut holes in the bottom of the bag for your head to and arms to fit through. The hole only needs to be large enough to accommodate your neck. You can cut a slit in back from the neck hole going down far enough so that you can fit through the hole. Once the costume is on, tape the slit closed. For your legs, silver or black tights or black pants should be worn. Wear matching tennis shoes. Wear a matching silver or black belt if you have a figure worth accenting. If you want to carry the theme further, pull your hair back close to your head and spray it silver. Silver eye shadow is optional as is any additional makeup. This is an easy costume that leaves the wearer looking attractive, not ridiculous.

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