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Halloween Costumes for Grade Schoolers

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Cute Halloween Costume Idea

Last year my 9-year-old son went as a candy dish! We took two poster boards and two clear lids that came from aluminum pans. Put it together like a sandwich board with ribbon at the shoulders. We added candy and stapled the lids to the poster boards. He was delighted that he came up with a unique costume that did not scare his baby sister.
Darla J.

Alligator Hunter Halloween Costume

My grade school son last year was the alligator hunter. We had a fake alligator and tied the dog leash around its neck. With a camouflage shirt and hat, off he went. It was a great hit!

A Monstrous Halloween Costume

Old bed sheets are very useful, the basis of many creations. Scrounge up an imperfect pumpkin from the farmer or grow them yourself. Hollow it out as much as possible to make a great "pumpkin head." Buy nothing ready made, but this stuff can yield many ideas. Use starch and spray paint on the sheets. If your children are strong and athletic enough, one can ride on the shoulders of the other and a very large monster is the result, at least for a short time!
Adrian S.

Robin Hood Halloween Costume Idea

My daughter wanted to be Robin Hood for Halloween. I already had a pattern for a cape and hat and I knew I could make a simple circle skirt. I went to the thrift store and bought one of those fleece thermal blankets, in a dark forest green. It was an electric blanket, which cost half of what the "regular" blanket cost. It was very easy to cut a few small holes and pull the electric wiring out, and I had much more fabric than I needed. For $4, I made a very warm and very cute costume
Catherine in Minneapolis

Grade School Army Costume

Just thought I'd share my recent Halloween costume experience for my 10-year-old son. He wanted to be an army guy. I made two stops at my local Goodwill store. I found a camouflage shirt and pants in the $1.19 bin. I then found a camouflage baseball hat at our local Wal-Mart for $2.97. So for $5.35, he is all set and mom's happy, too. The thought of spending $40 on a costume he'll outgrow by next year was just too much for this thrifty mom.
Kari H.

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Halloween Cat Costume

My daughter was 9 years old and wanted to be a black cat last year for Halloween. I promptly went to the store and bought her black sweatpants and a black sweatshirt to match. I then went to the dollar store and bought three black feather boas. I sewed the boas around the wrists and ankles as well as sewed some to the seat for the tail. I bought a "cat ear hair band" also at the dollar store and then drew whiskers on her cheeks with eyeliner. After Halloween, I took the boas off of the sweat suit and she has a warm outfit for winter. It also kept her warm while "trick or treating."

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