Halloween Toddler Costumes

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Toddler Halloween Costume: A Bag of Jelly Beans

Find a clear garbage bag and cut two holes in the bottom for the legs, and two at the sides for the arms. Fill it with colored balloons and tie it at the neck with a pretty ribbon. Voila! You're a bag of jelly beans.

Toddler Halloween Costume: A Bag of Flour

Take a white pillowcase, cut holes in the closed short end, pull it up and mark where your toddler's arms are. Take it back off and cut holes for them. With a black marker, carefully write FLOUR. Put toddler back into the pillowcase and stuff the case with lightweight (small) fluffy pillows and scrap cloth. Gather the top of the case loosely around her neck and tie it with brown twine. Lastly, pat some powder on face and they will be the most adorable anywhere!

Toddler Halloween Costume: A Black-Eyed Pea

I have a really frugal idea for a Halloween costume. I used this with my son when he was in daycare. I dressed him in his everyday jeans and a white t-shirt. On the shirt, I drew with a marker a large capital P. I then took a brown eyeliner pencil and made one of his eyes look like someone had punched him. He was then a "Black-eyed Pea". You can also sew/pin a fabric or construction paper P onto the shirt if you want to be able to re-use the white shirt. I used one that was slightly stained on the front (which my P covered up). He was able to attend daycare without the worry of a costume that "got in the way."
Joyce U.

Toddler Halloween Costume: A Present

When my daughter was three years old, I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween. She said that she wanted to be a present! What a great idea! We took a box and cut out holes for her arms and head and then wrapped it with paper of her choice. With tights, shirt and some curly ribbons for the top of her head, she was ready. For a boy, you can use a card on top rather than a bow or ribbons!

Toddler Halloween Costume: A Bunch of Grapes

One year I saw an adorable little girl in a pair of purple matching tights and leotard. Her mother had blown up a bunch of purple balloons and tied the balloons together in groups of varying heights and then sewed the string onto the costume. She was a bunch of grapes and she looked adorable!

Toddler Halloween Costume: A Butterfly

I made butterfly wings out of those cardboard pieces used for school projects. We had a set that was not usable so I drew a design on them and cut out the wings. I then painted them and put them on over a sweat suit that was light blue. For the antennas, I used aluminum foil over some cardboard and then attached them to a piece of card stock cut in a circle. It fit right around my young one's head!

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