Buying a Freezer

Buying a Reconditioned Appliance

I have had fantastic luck with reconditioned appliances. I have bought all of my appliances at a local used appliance store. They all come with a one-year warranty.
Ronda D.

Buying a Freezer at a Thrift Store

Thrift stores are great. I buy most my appliances at thrift stores. My best friend and I plan vacations around going to thrift stores in different parts of the country. We love them! When my son went off to college, I furnished his apartment with thrift store/yard sale finds.

Buying an Energy Saving Freezer

When buying a freezer, consider the energy usage. Frost-free refrigerators are the worst, since they warm up the coils to melt frost usually every hour, then they have to cool them down again. If you can find an old refrigerator with the inside mounted freezer that has to be defrosted manually, you will save a ton of money, at the cost of your labor to defrost it.

Working Appliances for Free

I live in a college town in Michigan, and I have noticed that many of the students come from "well-to-do" families. The advantage to this is that they often get new furniture for their home away from home (a lot of them rent houses). Every year in May, the streets of my town are "littered" with perfectly useable and great looking furniture, lamps, appliances, etc. If you live in or near a college town, take a spin down the streets in May. You'll be surprised at what you find!

Buying a Freezer During Sears Clearance Months

We are remodeling our kitchen. I found out that June is for appliances (at least at Sears) what December is for the car dealerships. Clearance! They were clearing the floors for the new models. I used a rebate. I opened a charge account for an additional 10% off and got a "no payments no interest for six months" deal. I paid the oven off in one payment just before the due date. You can save even more by purchasing a floor model or scratch and dent model. Just ask!
Stretcher Reader

Buying a Whirlpool Scratch and Dent Freezer

Whirlpool Corporation has a reverse logistics program whereby certain vendors are charged with liquidating all whirlpool scratch and dent appliances. This is done through various retail outlets throughout the country, housing thousands of scratch and dent and discontinued appliance models. All products are new and come with a full one-year warranty. At present, these outlet operations are in Orlando, Melbourne and Daytona Beach, Florida, and San Antonio, Houston and El Paso, Texas. Savings are significantly below retail pricing and, in many instances, below wholesale. These stores are tasked with moving thousands of units monthly.

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