Affordable Pet Care

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Affordable Neutering

When your cat or dog is ready for neutering, check out to find a vet close to you that will do it for low cost. Sometimes it's your own vet that you would have brought the animal to anyway. You have to pay first to Friends of Animals according to their schedule and then they send you a certificate. You present this certificate to the vets that participate, and the vet accepts the certificate in lieu of payment. All of my animals were neutered this way and they received the exact same excellent care as if I paid full price.
Betty W in NJ

Pet Care: Save on Vet Bills

This is in response to the article on pet care. As the owner of two dogs and four cats, I can speak from experience. In the state of Texas and probably most other states, the vet is needed only for rabies injection. All the others can be purchased from a Wal-Mart Pharmacy without a prescription or through mail order catalogs. Most of the injections are subcutaneously given. Therefore, they are very easy to administer. For about $8.32 annually, I can protect my cats against feline rhinotracheitis, calicipahieukopenia and Chlamydia psittaci. This is extremely inexpensive when compared to the prices charged by vets.

Cheaper Pet Care?

I have taken my cats for veterinary care at The School of Veterinary Sciences at the University of Wisconsin - Madison near where I live. The cost is minimal and you get to help train those who will become the DVMs as well as get direct contact with DVM professors who are knowledgeable of new procedures, etc., which they can perform there for a greatly reduced cost as well. My sister and brother-in-law use the School of Vet. Sciences for their farm animals. They come straight to their farm and give them assistance with feed rations, birthing problems, infectious diseases, etc. We even got help with behavior problems in one of our cats from a behavior specialist who teaches at the university.
Schatze, Beloit, WI

Pet Care: Volunteering

I volunteer my time at our local SPCA. When they have an over abundance of pet food, for a small donation, I can bring home several bags of good dry cat food, sometimes even bird, rabbit and ferret food. I do have one 13-year-old cat that loves canned cat food. For around $1 at Wal-Mart. I can get a four pack. It usually cost me about $7 a week for canned cat food (as she eats two cans per day, shared with another one who nibbles).

I take care of most of their vet care, as we use a lot of herbal remedies for treatments. If I think they are truly in need of vet care, then I can take them. I take them to a wonderful vet in my home town, who treats us as a member of the family. If I need anything, all I have to do is call. I have two females who suffer from urinary tract infections. Antibiotics were getting expensive for both cats until I found out that a simple cranberry tablet cost less, and it usually only takes two treatments for the infections to be gone.

Saving Money on Pet Vaccinations

Instead of taking my pet to his Veterinarian for his yearly vaccinations, I watch the ads in the Pennysaver. Typically, every month they have an ad or two that notifies people in the area of low-cost pet vaccine clinics. They are usually held at a local fire station in our county.

An office visit with our Veterinarian for this yearly procedure is over $50. By attending these low-cost clinics, I am able to get all of my pet's vaccinations for a fraction of the cost. We paid $20 for his complete set of inoculations for kennel cough, bordatello, rabies, etc. They also sell the heart worm and flea prevention medications at a reduced price.

Pet Care: Pet Home Remedies

I am an Animal Control Officer and former Animal Health Technician. Did you know that a teaspoonful of peanut butter (smooth only!) works great as a hairball preventative when given to your cat? If given once every couple of weeks (or weekly in long-haired, shedding cats), the peanut butter will do the trick. Consult your veterinarian. Did you know giving cats aspirin in any form can be fatal? Never give a cat aspirin! Baby aspirin is fine for dogs though, and works well for mild arthritis in older dogs.
Ronda S

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