Removing Stains

Baby Stain Remover

To remove stains, I mix equal amounts of dishwasher detergent and Clorox 2. It has removed most stains, including set baby-formula stains in clothes that were given to me. I have gotten bm stains out of baby clothes as well. This works great on garage sale items. It might be worth 25 cents and some stain removing time to get that great item.

I use 1/2 cup of each in the hottest water in my washing machine. Let it agitate for a few minutes to dissolve everything, and then add the clothes. Let it agitate and then soak, from a few hours to overnight.

Food Stain Remover

Brake cleaner also does a good quick job of removing most food stains. Dab a little on a clean cloth and gently blot the stain. Rinse with soap and water. Brake cleaner contains the same chemical professional dry cleaners use to clean stains in clothing.

Carpet and Clothing Stain Remover

Take a spray bottle and mark off the one liter (28 oz) line on the bottle. Put in one ounce of ammonia and two ounces of hydrogen peroxide and then fill the bottle with 25 ounces of water. Just spray some on the stain and watch it disappear! You can use a fingernail brush to brush up the stain and then pat with a clean rag. You will see the stain lighten. Watch the stain, as it will continue to fade over the next 48 hours. Once should do it, but if there is some stain left, repeat this procedure after the 48 hours is up and again watch it for about 48 hours. This is an amazing cleaner!

Grease Stain Remover

I had a grease stain that didn't seem to want to budge with regular stain-removing liquid, so one day I rubbed a bit of toothpaste into the stain (which had been washed and dried many times) and rubbed the material together a little. I let the top sit overnight and then threw it in with my regular dark clothing. After drying the top, the stain had vanished completely.

Heavy Stain Remover

I have found that if I have a stain I simply cannot remove with stain removers, bleach, etc., if I put lemon juice on the stain, and put it out in the sun, 99% of the time the stain will disappear. Sometimes, but not often, a second application is needed.
Sandy, Calgary, Canada

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