Saving Money on Pet Care

Pet care can be very expensive. But it does not have to be. There are plenty of ways to save on everything from purchasing or adopting a pet to food and toys to vet bills. So whether you're looking to get a starter pet for your child, trying to find inexspensive ways to kill fleas, or looking to save money on your pet's medications, you can save money on pet care by following many of these tips and ideas.

Buying and Adopting Pets
Cat Care
Dog Care
Saving on Dog Food
Fish and Birds
Saving on Pet Health Care
Other Pet Care Money-Saving Tips

Saving Money on Buying and Adopting Pets

Looking to add another member to your family? When acquiring a pet, there are many cost factors to consider beyond just the price of adoption or purchase. While long-term pet costs should be a factor in your decision, the benefits of owning a pet can outwiegh the costs, especially when you use some of the money-saving tips in the following articles:

Adopt a Pet - Reasons to adopt a rescue companion animal
Finding the Perfect Family Pet - For just a few dollars, you can save a life and get a devoted, loyal companion who would like nothing more than to follow you around and bask in your glory!
Buying a Puppy - Use this checklist to ensure you purchase the puppy that's right for you
Buying a Pet Online - There's no better place to find out about appropriate breeds and the best breeders than on the internet
Finding the Best Pet for Your Family - Don't overlook the long-term cost of caring for your new family member
Make Sure Your Pet Choice Doesn't Come Back to Bite You - Here are some considerations that will ensure you and your new best furry friend truly belong together
You Can't Buy Love, Or Can You? - A furry companion without the breeder's price tag
Canine Costs - Cost considerations when adding a dog to your family
Are You Sure You Want a Pet? - The benefits of owning a pet can outweigh the costs
How Much Is That Doggie in The Window? - When you get a dog you can spend as little or as much as you want, but what you spend to get that animal will be only the smallest part of the cost of having a pet

Saving Money on Cat Care

Don't let your cat's care break your budget. Try some of these money-saving alternatives!

How To Make a Sisal Rope Cat Scratching Post - Build a tall, sturdy sisal rope scratching post your cat will love
Cheaper Kitty Litter - Money-saving alternatives to expensive scoopable cat litter
Love Your Cat - Cat ownership doesn't need to consume a lot of time or money
Uncontrolled Cat Chewing - Keeping kitty at bay
Homemade Cat Food - Nutritious recipes from our readers that will save you money
Cat Clawing Crisis - Can your furniture and cat co-exist?
Your Feline Companion - No need to fall victim to the outrageous cost of cat toys to keep your new companion happy and entertained! Try these cost saving measures
Eliminating Kitty Litter Odors - Got to get rid of that smell!
Kitty Condos and Scratching Posts - Why not save money and make your own?
Getting Rid of Cat Fleas Frugal ways to save your flea-chomped cats and family
So You've Aquired a Kitten Proper care does not mean expensive
Treat Your Cat Like a Queen For pennies a day!

Saving Money on Dog Food

Depending on the size of your dogs, food, chews and treats can get expensive. Try some of these money-saving solutions to keep both your dog and your wallet healthy and happy.

My Story: Cheaper Dog Chews and Treats - Favorite, inexpensive recipes for Fido
Durable Dog Chews - Long-lasting, money-saving solutions for the chewing puppy
Generic Dog Foods - Are any of the generics good for your dog?
Homemade Dog Biscuits - Easy-to-make recipes from Dollar Stretcher dog owners
Cheaper Puppy Chews Finding cheaper, sturdy stuffed animal toys for dogs

Saving Money on Dog Care

Looking for ways to reduce the cost of sharing life with man's best friend? With these tips, you can still pamper your pup without spending a fortune.

The Lifetime Cost of Adopting a Dog - Can you put a price tag on manís best friend?
Money Saving for Dog Owners - Reduce the cost of sharing life with man's best friend
Three Ways to Save Doggie Dollars - Try these three money-saving tips to get the full value out of your pet purchases
DIY Pet Beds for Frugal Folks A deluxe therapeutic pet bed for a fraction of the cost of store-bout beds
How much pampering does your pooch really need? - The most important thing to spend on your animal is time
My Story: Doggy Etiquette Developing a child-friendly dog
Dog Hair Blues - Cheap products that really work for cleaning up pet fur
What a Puppy! - Preventing your dog from "digging up" your budget
Timely Pooch Tips Inexpensive home remedies for your dog that you might already have in your own medicine cabinet
PoochGranny's Home Remedies for Dogs More inexpensive home remedies for your dog from PoochGranny
Puppy Toys That Outlast What You Spent For Them Ideas for pet toys that take only seconds to make and cost a dollar or less

Saving Money on Fish and Bird Care

Saltwater Aquariums Shocked by the cost of setting up and maintaining a saltwater aquarium? Here are some ways to cut the costs
The Goods on Goldfish Goldfish are popular starter pets for children and a good parental choice when it comes to budget and time considerations
Recycled Pet Birds - Free birds are available for the asking
Feeding the Birds Money-saving tips for buying bird seed and feeders
Backyard Birdfeeding How to make homemade bird suet

Saving Money on Pet Veterinary Care

When it comes to pet care costs, vet bills and medications probably tops the list of expenses. But you can find low-cost, money-saving alternatives for your pets' meds as well as cheaper means of pet healthcare.

My Story: Natural Flea Control How to save money and control fleas the natural way
Pet Healthcare for Less Lowering your petsí medical costs
Buying Pet Meds Online Online outlets are springing up, enticing pet owners with money-saving offers
Low Cost Pet Meds - What to do when you can't afford the vet bills
21 Ways to Nip Your Vet Bill Ways to keep your pet and your bank account healthy
Pet Meds - How to find low-cost, money-saving alternatives for your pet
Insurance for Your Pet - Get help paying for Rover's illness
Outrageous Vet Bills - Kitty's medical bills are getting out of hand? Try these tips on ways to save on your pets health care costs
Natural Flea Prevention - Don't let your pets or your family get bitten!
Cheaper Pet Care Advice for pet lovers on how to find cheaper health care for pets
Flea Removal Challenge - Tips from our readers on how they won the flea battle
Picking a Vet - Taking your pet to the Vet can be a traumatic event for you, your pet, and your bank balance

Other Pet Care Money-Saving Tips

Affordable Pet Care - The best pet care tips from our readers! Keep pets safe when traveling - Know how to keep your pets safe and healthy when they go along for the ride
Keeping Your Pet Out of the Economic Doghouse Making pet care less burdensome on the budget
Pet Odor Take a natural approach to eliminating pet odor
Spend Less On Pet Care Many people are worried about how they will continue to provide quality care
The Dollar Store Shopper: Creature Comforts It pays to check out the dollar store for all of your pet's small necessities
Problem Pet Hair - Picking up stray hair from your carpet and furniture
Save on Pet Food Money-saving tips for feeding all types of pets
The Best Vacuum for Pet Hair - Making clean-up a breeze
Don't Forget Fido and Fluffy Cheap holiday treats for your pets
Saving Money on Pets Regardless of what animal you consider your pet, you will need to spend a certain amount of money to care for that animal. Here's how to save
Removing Pet Urine Smells Money-saving ways to get the smell out and keep it out
Pets on a Budget How does one decide if they can afford a pet?
Removing Pet Urine Stains - Removing stains with household products you likely already have in your home

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