Soap Savings

Shampoo as Hand Wash

I use an inexpensive shampoo to refill hand washing dispensers. It's less expensive than liquid soap and less drying than dish detergent for hand washing.
Meredith, Maine

Using Less Soap

I put my dish soap in one of those pretty bottles used for olive oil. It comes out slower, so I use less and waste less. And it looks nice by my sink.

Dish Soap for Cleaning Hands

We also use (cheap) liquid dish soap for hand soap. We just dilute it by half when refilling the bottle. It works just fine, and the kids find it lathers up better for them this way.

Save the Bar Soap

Don't let the water from your shower wear away your bar of soap. If your recessed soap dish is on the side of your tub and the shower head is at one end, move your soap to the opposite end. Otherwise every time you put the soap down to rinse off or to shampoo, the water is hitting the soap and wearing it away.
Elizabeth in Ohio

Longer Lasting Bar Soap

Whenever I buy bars of bath soap, I unwrap them before I put them on the shelf. I buy ahead so I don't have to use the bars immediately. The bars seem to "cure" and last a lot longer if they have been exposed to the air.
Trudie B.

Shampoo for Hair and Body

I use shampoo as a substitute for bathing soap. My allergies run rampant. I have not just the out-of-doors allergies, but allergies to specific products found in foods, creams, soaps, and other house hold items.

Following a long night of oatmeal baths, I discovered that my head never itched and I used shampoo. From then on I commenced using shampoo as a body bath. I purchase the shampoo in the large economy bottles with a pump. A little bit goes a long way. Also, shampoo does not seem to leave a scum on the walls, the tub or shower, or even the shower doors.

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