How to conserve water

Water Conservation

Water Conservation with an Adjustable Toilet Flapper

Fluidmaster makes all kinds of toilet parts. They have a flapper that you can adjust to determine how long you want it to stay up. All you do is rotate the bulb of the flapper. There is a dial on it that has numbers and this will let the flapper stay afloat longer.
Stretcher Reader

New Toilet Conserves Water

We recently had to replace an old toilet, and bought a new one that uses 1.5 gallons per flush. Nothing fancy, just what is normally available on the market today.

The toilet cost us $70 from the local hardware store. I probably could have shopped around for a better price. Our water bill for the past two months, during which time we have had the new toilet, dropped by $35! So in four months' time, the new toilet will have paid for itself. We plan on replacing the other toilet in our home soon. I had no idea the amount of water we were using with the old toilet.
Leslie in Illinois

Water Conserving Maintenance

I am in a 244-unit apartment building and I compared our monthly water bill with a friend who manages the same size apartment building. When I saw our bill was double, we had our building engineer do a research and he found it was hard water that was leaving a great amount of residue on the flapper, which stopped it from closing properly. Now we do a quarterly flapper inspection (many residents don't live here full time), and through diligence, we have saved 50% on our water bill by replacing flappers in toilets that continue to run. Building managers (especially in hard water areas) take notice!
J. Shor

Conserving Water while Washing Dishes

Our water bills are high where we live. We do not have a dishwasher. When I wash dishes (sometimes 3x per day), I take advantage of my double sink. In one sink, I fill the dishpan with warm, soapy water and wash the dishes in it. In the other sink, I use another dishpan filled with cold rinse water, which I rinse the dishes in prior to putting them on a rack for drying. This saves a lot of water as I am not running the faucet to rinse the dishes all the time.

Simple Way to Water Conservation

If you want to save money on your water bill, here's one thing that really helps. Fill a bottle with water and put it in the tank of your toilet. Put it away from the works, so it doesn't interfere with the ball. Flush first and then place it where you want while the tank is empty. It will take less water to fill the tank, and you won't notice the difference when you flush. But you'll be using that much less water with every single flush! For some toilets, you can simply adjust the filler mechanism to stop the incoming water at a lower level. The more toilets you do this to, the more money you will save on your water bill! Save water and save money!

Water Conservation

If anyone has an older model toilet and is making do with the older works inside the tank, I highly recommend going to your local home improvement center and looking at the new parts that can be adapted to older toilets. My husband did this. He adjusted the float so that the toilet flushes half the water it used to. It still flushes everything just fine and our water/sewer bill dropped $12 in the first month!
Anne P.

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