• DIY Fireplace Logs

    DIY Fireplace Logs

    With the price of firewood, you might as well be burning dollar bills. The cheap solution? Make your own fireplace logs.

  • How to Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

    Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

    Many people dread the cold because they know how expensive home heating is and they simply can't afford it. Here are 12 ways to keep your family warm without breaking the bank.

  • Frugal Home Winterization

    Frugal Home Winterization

    Anyone can turn the thermostat up, but it is the frugally zealous who figure out a way to keep their home as warm as possible without putting a huge dent in the bank.

  • How to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

    How to Prepare Your Furnace
    for Winter

    The ideal time for preparing your furnace is before the winter sets in. Follow these steps and make it an inexpensive DIY job.

  • Simple Cheap Heat

    Simple Cheap Heat Tips

    Learn how to take advantage of free sunshine during the winter and use better insulation and window coverings to lower your heating bills.

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