How to Conquer Debt No Matter How Much You Have

If you have been trying to get out of debt, and you just can't seem to get ahead, I have a new book you might be interested in.

Debt cramps your lifestyle, no doubt. Perhaps you have to frequently skip weekly movie nights out with friends. But debt can also rob you of peace of mind. How will you get to work if you can't afford that next car repair, much less a newer car?

How to Conquer Your Debt

According to, millions of Americans are one paycheck away and/or one emergency away from a debt crisis. What about you? If tomorrow you had a large or even a smaller unexpected bill, could you pay it? Would it wipe out your savings? Or would it throw you further into debt? Unmanageable debt?

As a former CFP, I can tell you that many people are closer to a debt crisis than they realize. Which is why it is so important to start now conquering any debt you do currently have. Easier said then done I know, but my book can help make it easier. You just need the right plan, which is what my book can help you create.

Many people attempt time and time again to get out of debt and fail. Let me tell you why. Either they fail to make a plan, or they make (or follow) a plan that is so ill-suited to their budget, lifestyle and financial siutation that it either does not enable them to make any real progress or it is so financially restricting they can't stick with it. And many eventually give up.

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If you want to get out of debt, you need not just a plan but a plan customized for your situation. Here's why. Each person's debt situation is a little different. No one-size-fits-all plan is likely to solve your problem. You need a plan that's specific to your needs. A single person who is solely responsible for their bills and debt burdens has different needs than a family with two bread winners but kids to support.

It would be nice if someone who understood debt could sit down with you and give you a personalized plan for free. But that's not going to happen either. Professionals expect to be paid.

So where does that leave you? Unless you're well off, you'll need to create a plan on your own. And that's where my book comes in.


How to Conquer Debt No Matter How Much You Have provides you with the necessary tools and walks you step-by-step through creating your own personalized debt payoff plan. I'll show you:

  • how to analyze your debt
  • how to lower interest rates and maximize your debt payoff efforts
  • where to find the money to repay debts
  • how to stay committed to your debt payoff plan
  • how to stay out of debt once you've repaid your existing debts

And it's not college textbook fancy language. You won't need your accountant brother-in-law to translate it for you. It's written so that any adult can understand it and use it.

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How to Conquer Your Debt

How to Conquer Debt is a step-by-step tool to help you achieve not only freedom from debt, but the financial freedom to live life on your terms. Even if you don't get completely out of debt, the debt you do conquer will certainly be worth the cost of this book. But, I'm so sure that it'll work for you that I give you an unconditional money-back guarantee! All I ask is that you try it. If you try it and it doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price. Just email me at

So the only cost you should be considering now is what it will cost you to not get out of debt.

It is time to make a decision. You can keep going as is. Or you can make a plan. A plan to not only conquer your debt, but to live life with the peace of mind that freedom from debt can provide. Aren't you tired of debt cramping your lifestyle?



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