Tips for cutting those cooling costs this summer

Air Conditioning: Frugal Ways to Lower Your Cooling Costs

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How Much Will It Cost to Cool Your Home?

Tara Alley

If you're trying to plan ahead for this summer and considering your options for cooling your home within a reasonable price range, it can be very helpful to compare options and see what you can expect to be paying. While the variants will clearly vary these formulas according to your location and the condition of your cooling equipment, you can still get a fairly good estimate with a basic formula.

Ask The Dollar Stretcher: How Can I Keep My Home Cool for Less?


Don't let your AC bill blow your budget this summer!

9 Ways to Cut Costs on Heating and Cooling Your Home

Chris Long

Reduce the cost of a comfortable home.

9 Ways to Cool Down Air Conditioning Costs


Hear that? It's the sound of your air conditioner running and the sound of your bank account drying up.

How to Save on Cooling Costs


Summer is in full swing, and that means your air conditioning unit may be running daily. Unfortunately, that's bad for both the environment and your wallet. Here are some simple tips to cut back on your use of air conditioning.

7 Low Cost Ways to Stay Cool

Kimberly Aardal

You don't need to crank down the air conditioning to chill out as the mercury rises. In fact, all you really need is a relaxing rocking chair and one of these smart, budget-friendly summer solutions to stay cool.

I'm Hot - Turn On The Furnace

Rich Finzer

With high energy and electricity prices, it's becoming a brutally expensive proposition to cool our homes during the summer. I've discovered a simple money-saving solution to this problem. When it gets super hot at my house, I just turn on the furnace. The furnace? Yep, you heard right. I cool my house with my oil furnace.

5 Cool Ways to Slice Summer Electric Bills


Cutting your electric bills doesn't have to mean buying a bunch of gadgets -- or sitting alone in the dark. Here are five low-cost, no-stress ways to lower your cooling costs this summer. And some of them are almost as much fun as eating ice cream.

Cool Down Summer Bills by Using AC More Efficiently


Summer can be brutal. Between the punishing sun and stifling humidity, Air conditioners can be energy hogs. Don't let air conditioning overheat your utility bill. Cut AC use and save cash.

Window Tint and Your Utility Bill

TDS Reader Solutions

"How much can window films save you on your utility bill? A friend claims that they really cut down her bills. Isn't it really expensive to buy?"

How I'm Fighting High Energy Bills This Summer

J. Freeman

The steps I took to reducing my summer energy bills were quite practical and easy for anyone to follow. Most of us have bad energy-using habits at home that add up eventually. The trick is to practice these following procedures and to use common sense during times of possible energy shortages. This is The essential starting point to lower summer energy bills.

Cheaper Summer Cooling for Apartment Dwellers

Gary Foreman

If replacing windows or air conditioning units isn't an answer for you, here are some other ways to lower your cooling costs this summer.

Hidden Energy Efficiencies

Julie Sturgeon

Consider getting an enery audit to determine just how much cool air is escaping from your home, and what repairs you can make to prevent the leakage from your home and your wallet.

5 Summer Energy Savers

Doris Dobkins

Whenever you save energy, the environment benefits and your summer colling costs are reduced. Here are a few ideas to keep you cooler as well as shave a few dollars off those monthly energy bills.

10 Tips for Keeping Cool

My Story - contributed by Jen

Cheaper Summer Cooling

Gary Foreman

Way Cool: A Guide to Fans

Gary Foreman

Summer Cooling Tips

Gary Foreman

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