Tips for determining energy costs and use of your appliances and when to replace them

Appliances: Energy Use and Energy Costs

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Will New Energy Efficient Appliances Save Me Money?

Laura Foor

Do the math before you buy! Otherwise you could be spending more each month instead of saving.

The Cost of Using Your Clothes Dryer

Veronica Bowman

How much could you save if you turned your dryer off?

A Full Fridge Uses Less Electricity

Rich Finzer

Reduce your electric bill with a full refrigerator.

How to Use a Wringer Washer

Pat Veretto

I've heard horror tales by women (and men) who hated using a wringer washer because of the "hard work." Most of the time the hardship was because of the method used. Here's how you set up and use a wringer washer easily!

My First Experience With a High Efficiency Appliance

My Story - contributed by Anne

My husband and I were very interested in buying higher efficiency appliances for our home. In spite of my hesitation over the initial cost, I know this machine will save money over time because of lower energy costs. Here's why.

Should you Buy Energy-Efficient Appliances Sooner or Later?


When replacing older appliances, is it thriftier to wait until the old appliance dies or buy the new energy-efficient models now?

A New Air Conditioner?

Gary Foreman

About half of all homes have central air conditioning, but it does cost money to run them. Central air conditioning and heat pumps rank third in total residential energy usage. Only heat and water heating consume more. Here is how to determine your air conditioner's efficiency, select the right size air conditioner for your home and buy a new system if you determine you need one.

Figuring Appliance Electricity Usage

Gary Foreman

On most appliances you can find the wattage on it's nameplate. To calculate the kilowatts used by an appliance, divide the wattage by 1,000. So a 200 watt appliance would be 200 divided by 1,000 or 0.2 kilowatts. A 1,500 watt hair dryer would use 1.5 kilowatts.

Slow Cookers and Energy Usage

Doug Cote

Depending on the size of your slow-cooker compared to the size of your stove; you may be using almost twice as much energy to cook in your slow-cooker. The simplest explanation is that your oven cycles on and off, while your slow-cooker cooks, "with no more energy than a light bulb", but it does so continuously, and that adds up.

Older Appliances and Homes

TDS Reader Solutions

I rent a house from a friend. The house belonged to her mother, who passed away recently. It has ancient electric appliances that I'm sure are costing me plenty on my monthly bill. Since we're probably not going to replace them any time soon, I'm looking for help on how to conserve as much as possible with these old appliances, especially the water heater. Any suggestions?

Your Washing Machine and the Environment

Gary Foreman

We've been shopping for a new washing machine and came across those new front-loaders. They seem quite hardy and are sold as being very efficient in both their use of energy and water (using thirty gallons of water instead of fifty per load). However they cost a lost more up front. Are they worth it?

Is a 'Phantom' Stealing Your Electricity?

Gary Foreman

Today any household appliance that has a clock, timer, memory or remote is consuming electricity even if it's turned off. Some of us are very grateful that the coffeemaker remembers when we get up and already has the coffee brewed. Others will prefer to save the money and environment with these tips

Kitchen Appliance Face-Off

Gary Foreman

How can I figure how much I am saving using small appliances vs. the oven? Many of us "frugal-types" wonder about these kinds of questions. What does it cost to run some of our appliances? Would we really save money is we used them less frequently? After all, our goal is to save enough money to make any change in lifestyle worthwhile.

How Much Does Electricity Cost?

Gary Foreman

Cutting Your Electric Bill: The Refrigerator

Gary Foreman

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