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Product Comparison: Portable Carpet Cleaners

Paige Estigarribia

We compare features of 5 of the top portable carpet cleaners.

My First Experience With a High Efficiency Appliance

contributed by Anne

My husband and I were very interested in buying higher efficiency appliances for our home. In spite of my hesitation over the initial cost, I know this machine will save money over time. Here's why.

Product Review: Kuhn Rikon Pressure Cooker

Vickilynn Haycraft

My opinion is this is an excellent investment for families. Since pressure cooking allows cooking in a fraction of the time, it saves precious hours and electricity or gas, saving money as well.

Product Review: Mica Electric Tortilla and Flatbread Maker

Vickilynn Haycraft

I found that the Mica Tortilla Maker was a well-performing product that saved me not only time and effort but a great deal of money. I recommend this product highly, and I use it regularly in my own kitchen.

Product Review: Salton Electric Yogurt Maker

Vickilynn Haycraft

The Salton Electric Yogurt Maker provided steady, gentle heat to incubate the yogurt so I did not have to check and adjust anything. This was a big plus for me - a busy wife, mommy and homemaker. The machine took care of all the details for me and my yogurt came out wonderful without any interaction from me other than preparing the ingredients and turning the machine on.

The Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

TDS Reader Solutions

I have a long hair white shepherd. I need a better vacuum that will get most of the hair. I already own a dirt devil and it stinks. Help!

Do Electrostatic Air Filters Work?

TDS Reader Solutions

Has anyone used an electrostatic air filter? We are thinking of purchasing one due to the dust in the house and would like to know if anyone has any comments about them or can mention any things to be on the look out for.

Intro to Breadmakers

TDS Reader Solutions

I have noticed several articles about using a bread machine. This is something I have never used. I used to make homemade sourdough bread by hand, but sometimes that's a little time consuming. Could I possibly get some feedback on the best machines, recipes, and different opinions on this?

Infomercial Food Savers: Good Deal?

TDS Reader Solutions

I am considering buying a Food Saver vacuum sealer. It seems to be something that will be time saving and money saving in the long run. I would like to know if this product will be just as the commercial says it is. If you or any of the readers have any experience with the Food Saver, I would appreciate some comments or suggestions.

Electronic Pest Control Devices

TDS Reader Solutions

I'm wondering if anyone has tried an "electronic pest device" and if they work. I'm talking about the things that, when plugged in, supposedly emit a high-frequency sound that scares away rodents, insects, etc. I am interested in purchasing one, but I don't know anyone who uses one. Please share your experiences with me (and, if you like yours, where you purchased it and how much it cost).

Product Review Water Softening Magnets

Katrina Maben

I was considering purchasing a water softener but learned of the benefits of the magnets over a softener and opted for the magnets. This is what the magnets have done in my household.

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