Tips for getting the best deal on a brand new automobile

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Top 6 Ways to Score the Best Deal on a New Car


Use these strategies and drive off the lot with the best bargain on a new car.

How to Find Help Buying a Handicapped-Accessible Vehicle

Eric Mohrman

Today's adaptive driving technologies are impressive. They're also expensive. If you or a family member has impaired mobility, a handicapped-accessible vehicle represents more freedom. Grants, vouchers, low-interest loans, and other financial aid exist to put toward a modified vehicle.

Buying an Insurance Friendly Car

Aliya Martin

If you are planning to buy a car, an insurance friendly car can help you save significantly on your auto insurance premiums. Here is a look at some useful tips on buying insurance friendly cars.

6 Common Car-Shopping Mistakes


There's no way to avoid the last-minute need for a new car, but you can avoid common mistakes many buyers make. Avoiding these six mistakes will help keep you out of car-buying trouble.

Choosing the Right Car to Fit Your Budget


If you think setting a new car budget is as simple as determining what you want your monthly payment to be, you could find yourself spending a lot more than you realize.

Compare auto loans before you car shop.

Car Resale-Value Tips


Here's what to look for in a new car if you want to maximize your resale value.

25-Point Checklist for New-Car Test-Drive


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