Imagine never having to make a car payment again!

Autos: Paying with Cash

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Finding Reliable Transportation When You're Broke

Stephanie Lynch

Can you find a reliable car for less than a few grand?

How to Never Have a Car Payment

Edson Senna

A car payment is something that many Americans have come to accept as part of life and part of their monthly budget. Here's how you can go against the norm and start paying cash for your cars.

Saving for a Newer Car

Gary Foreman

To get out from under car payments forver, follow these three steps. First, plan to put money aside to cover repairs on your current car and ultimately buy a newer car. Next, make a decision on how to save money for the car fund. Finally, have a desire to maintain your current vehicle to help it last longer and increase its value as a trade. Here is how all this can be accomplished.

Buying a Low Mileage Used Car

This Old Housewife

One reader says she can afford a car note, but doesn't want to get tied down in case the economy tanks further. The solution? A used car with low mileage on it that you can buy outright with cash. They are out there and do exist. You just have to know how to find one.

Get Off The Car Payment Merry-Go-Round

Marenda Babcock

My husband and I got off the car payment merry-go-round 17 years ago and we do not care to ever get back on that nerve wrecking ride again. Of course, people do need cars to get to work and places they need to be. How can you get off the merry-go-round and never get back on it again? Here is how we did it.

Are you paying too much for auto insurance?
Make sure you're getting the lowest rate.

A Lot of Debt, Some Cash and a New Car

Gary Foreman

Pay cash for the car? Or pay down the credit cards?

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