Don't get taken for a ride at the car dealership

Autos: Smart Ways to Save at a Dealership

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How to Beat the Car Dealer

Gary Foreman

You can out negotiate them! We'll show you how.

Keys to a Good Car Deal

Nancy Rusk

Buying a new (or new-to-you) car from a dealership can be a harrowing experience. It doesn't have to be this way. Here are some tips on scoring a great deal at the dealership.

7 Dealership Fees to Avoid

Gary Foreman

You've just finished negotiating on a new car. It was some of the toughest dealing you'll ever do. Then the salesperson escorts you to the business office for some "paperwork." And the negotiating begins all over again. So, when you head to the business office, be prepared to negotiate these seven fees and service offers.

Top 3 Things Auto Salesmen Discuss in the Manager's Office

Michael M. Dickson

You've been there before. You're talking with an auto salesman about a vehicle you have interest in purchasing and he/she says, "I have to go to talk with my manager." Read these top three conversations auto salesmen have while "talking with the manager."

7 Secret Sales Tactics Car Salesmen Hope You Don't Know


Can car salesmen be trusted? Sure, but know what to do when they use these tactics.

Ladies: The Car Buying Blues

Kathryn J. Bain

If you're a woman, the last car salesman you dealt with probably spoke specifically to the man you were with, making you feel invisible. They'll talk engine talk with the man. Women get to see the vanity mirror. I'm here to tell you how to take advantage of their attitude and come out with a good deal. Being prepared when car buying is the best way to feel like you took them, instead of them taking you.

How to Find a Consumer-Friendly Car Dealer


Do you get hives thinking of car shopping? Find out which dealers are consumer-friendly.

5 Car Loan Mistakes that Cost You Money


Don't be duped by the dealer. Avoid these costly car financing missteps.

How to Reduce Car Costs


The amount people are paying for car loans has hit a record high. But if you're a smart shopper, you don't have to pay that much.

How to Outwit Car Dealers with Your Smartphone


From showroom to financing showdown, here's how your phone can help you navigate the dealership.

Can You Buy a Car without Having to Haggle?


Are you disgusted with the process of buying a new car? It seems you never get the right price and you get inundated with salespeople trying to sell you extras. It may be a time-honored custom, but you can avoid haggling over a car. Here's how.

4 Ways to Beat the Dealer on a New Car


How much money can you expect to save when you buy a new car? A recent study by three university professorsfound that car buyers can expect to save up to $800 by using some relatively simple strategies, but several top automotive information companies think the savings could be bigger and achieved with less effort. Here are 4 steps to getting the best deal.

5 Tips for Finding an Honest Car Salesman


A little vigilance during the sale process can help you determine if your car salesman is straightforward or straight-up deceptive. Remember these hallmarks of an honest sales rep the next time you're in the market for a new ride.

Considering buying a car? Compare vehicle quotes and lock in the lowest price!

Car-Buyer's Minefield: Dealership Fees

Mark Albertson

The 15 Minute Auto Deal

Gary Foreman

The Art of the Car Deal

J.A. Livingston

Guerrilla Car-Buying

Mark Hoerrner

Dealing for Your New Car

Gary Foreman

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