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Autos: Smart Financing

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What You Need to Know Before You Shop for an Auto Loan

Debra Karplus

Advice for finding the lowest cost car loan rate that you can.

3 Reasons to Tap a Personal Loan to Buy a Used Car


You can buy a used car with an auto loan. Here's when a personal loan is better.

What You Should Know about Unsecured Auto Loans


Some car loans are unsecured. Here's what that means for rates and requirements.

Why You Want to Avoid a Long-Term Car Loan


Americans are taking on car loans longer than six years more than in the past. Longer-term car loans are attractive because monthly payments are smaller than on a shorter-term car loan. But you need to understand they can actually make things worse financially. Here's how.

Should You Get a Car Loan through the Dealer? Or a Lender?


There are two misconceptions that many people have about buying a car and obtaining a car loan. In reality, you do not need to get a car loan locally, and it does not need to be done through a car dealer. A car loan can be obtained through any lender, whether local to you or elsewhere in the country.

Figuring the Size of a Preapproved Car Loan


How much should you request for a car the loan if you are able to put down 20 percent? Should you ask for preapproval on just the difference, or should you pad yourself with a few thousand dollars?

Can You Really Score a No-Interest Car Loan?


When you see the car commercials advertising "zero percent interest rates," there is this really fast disclaimer at the end of the commercial that says something like "$16.67 for every $1,000 borrowed." So, are these car loans really interest-free? Or is this misleading, and there are actually extra charges on these car loans?

Zero Percent Car Loans: Are They Worth It?


Zero percent car loans and low-interest car loans are harder to come by these days, but these deals are still out there. But if you are shopping for a car, tread with caution. While a zero percent or low-interest car loan may seem enticing, it may cost you more than getting a loan through a bank or credit union would.

5 Timely Tips for an Affordable Car Loan


If you are looking for ways to bring down your family's auto costs, it might be time to evaluate how much you're paying on your car loan. Whether you want to evaluate your existing car loan or look for a new one, here are five car-smart choices financial pros say you can make to reduce your auto loan burden.

Considering buying a car? Compare vehicle quotes and lock in the lowest price!

Taking Over Someone Else's Payments

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5 Tips to Avoid an Upside-Down Car Loan


5 Car Loan Mistakes that Cost You Money


10 Steps to Your Best Deal on a Car Loan


Defensive Financing

Gary Foreman

Finding The Best Auto Financing

Gary Foreman

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