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Autos: Smart Refinancing

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5 Best Situations to Refinance Your Auto Loan


An auto refi isn't for everyone. See if you're a candidate to save.

Charge Your Car?

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Should they transfer their auto loan to a credit card?

Refinance to Cut Payment without Extending Car-Loan Term?


Your lender might balk, but if you have decent credit, it might be possible to get a better rate on your car loan without extending the life of your payments. Here are the steps you need to take.

Can I Refinance a Car Loan with Bad Credit?


With poor credit, a car loan refi won't be easy, but there's one thing a lender can do to help. Here is how to request a loan modification from your lender.

Should You Refi Your Car Loan to a Lower Rate?


A car loan refi would seem obvious at lower rates, but it might not be worth the bother. Often times the money you save monthly after refinancing to a lower loan rate is offset by the loan costs of the refinance. Find out how to determine if a refinance can actually save you money.

Compare auto loans before you car shop.

Can I Refinance My Way Out of an Upside-Down Car Loan?


Refinancing is one way to solve a lopsided car loan, but you might have to come up with the money to pay down part of what you owe to make the new loan right-side up.

Refinance Your Car Loan and Save Money


You want to save money on your car loan. Is it better to refinance or simply pay extra toward your current loan principle?

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