Is your engine a gas-guzzler?

Autos: Improving Engine Performace for Better Gas Savings

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Tame That Gas Guzzler

Chris Stevenson

Let a mechanic tell you how to get better gas mileage.

Gas Crunch

Barbara Carrow

How to drive like a miser and save on gas.

Will Gas-Tank Additives Improve My Car's Fuel Economy?


Find out whether you should trust products that claim to improve gas mileage.

Can My Car Air Conditioner Kill My Fuel Economy?


Find out how gas mileage is affected by your car's air conditioner, and what you can do.

Replace 5 Car Parts for Better Gas Mileage


If you want to save a few more bucks at the pump, change these car parts yourself.

Should I Fill Up with High-Octane Gasoline?


Depending on the age and model of your car, high-octane gas might be a better choice.

6 Easy Ways to Improve Winter Gas Mileage


Cold weather is an enemy of fuel economy, but you can fight back against Old Man Winter.

Reduce the cost of your gasoline with a 'gas card'. You can compare them here.

An Engineer's Tips on Fuel Economy

Tom Wagner, Jr.

Practical suggestions to saving gasoline.

A Full Fuel Tank and Gas Mileage

Ask Bob: The Auto Answer Man

How often should she fill up the tank?

Octane Explained

Ask Bob: The Auto Answer Man

What do the numbers mean?

A/C and Gas Mileage

Ask Bob: The Auto Answer Man

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