Cutting the costs of maintaining your vehicle

Saving on Auto Maintenance Costs

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What Should You Expect to Pay for an Alignment?


An alignment keeps your vehicle safe. Find out the factors that figure into the cost.

4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Car

Don Elfrink

Protecting an important investment.

Protecting the Value of Your Used Car

Sandra Ketcham

Simple, affordable ways to keep your ride showroom fresh.

5 Tips for Auto Window Tints

Michael M. Dickson

What you need to know about window tinting.

Removing Auto Window Tint

TDS Reader Solutions

Do you need a professional to remove old window tint from your car?

Should I Follow the Car Maintenance Schedule for Normal or 'Severe' Driving?


If your car owner's manual offers 2 options, make your choice based on your driving.

5 Costly Car Tuneup Myths Uncovered


A car tuneup -- once a routine task for a responsible car owner -- may not be needed.

The Squeaky Wheel Doesn't Always Get Greased

Rich Finzer

A costly lesson in grease.

Wiper Blade Rip-Off

Rich Finzer

I can see clearly now, without being ripped-off.

Keeping Your Car Rust Free

Rali Macaulay

Protecting your second most expensive investment.

Not an auto club member? Compare roadside assistance plans.

The True Cost of Not Maintaining Your Car


Car Maintenance: Don't Skip These 8 Moves


4 Costly Car Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid


4 Car Maintenance Checks to Help You Save


How to Make Your Used Car Last Longer


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