Don't overpay the auto shop!

Saving on Auto Repair Costs

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How to Cheaply Remove Scratches from Car Paint

TDS Reader Solutions

Keep your car looking showroom new!

Auto Repairs For Less

Shaunna Privratsky

Sometimes a little knowledge can save you big.

What Your Mechanic Doesn't Want You to Know

Austin C. Davis

What you don't know can hurt you (or at least your wallet!).

Are After-Market Car Parts as Safe as Original Manufacturer Parts?


You could risk your safety if you need replacement parts and don't know their origin.

5 DIY Tips to Save Money on Auto-Body Repairs


Was your car dinged in a fender bender? Follow these tips to avoid the body shop.

3 Ways to Avoid Car Repair Rip-Offs


Looking for an honest car mechanic? Jean Chatzky tells us how to find one.

Top 10 Check-Engine-Light Car Repairs


When that light flickers on your dashboard, don't stall. Your car needs attention now.

What If I Can't Afford to Make Car Repairs?


Stuck in neutral because you can't pay for hefty car repairs? Here's how to defray costs.

Not an auto club member? Compare roadside assistance plans.

5 Steps to Cutting a Big Car Repair Bill


Major car repair work can cost hundreds of dollars. Taking these steps may save you cash.

How Much Money Should Your Car Repair Cost?


Want to be sure you're not snookered on a car repair? Here's how and where to get an estimate.

Body Shop Blues: Getting the Repairs Right


Don't know much about auto body repairs? These tips will keep you from getting scammed.

Remanufactured Auto Parts

The Car Care Council

Want to be sure you're not snookered on a car repair? Here's how and where to get an estimate.

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