How to determine when it makes better financial sense to repair your car or buy a new one

Repairing Your Car vs. Buying Another

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Repair or Replace My Car?

Gary Foreman

Is it worthwhile to spend the money to repair?

Is It Best to Repair or Replace Your Car?

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When is it time to buy a new set of wheels?

Time for a New Car?

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You try to keep your cars until they can go no more. Here are tips for deciding if your car is 'dead' and in need of replacement.

Keep It or Trade It?

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Just because you are past the warraty date on your current car does not mean you should get a new one. Use these tips when the 'new car bug' bites.

Wanting a Newer Car

Gary Foreman

Will it cost you more financial stress?

Too Much to Repair My Car?

Austin Davis

Help in deciding whether it's time to replace your old car.

Should I Repair My Old Car or Buy a New Car?


Think you'll avoid repairs with a new car? Don't forget, it will need regular maintenance, too.

7 Low-Cost Ways to Spruce Up Your Ride


Not ready to take on a new car payment? Give your old jalopy a fresh look by following these tips.

What's Best: Repair an Old Car or Buy New?


If you don't have the money to keep up with a new car payment, here's how to repair the old jalopy instead.

Considering buying a car? Compare vehicle quotes and lock in the lowest price!

Should I Fix or Replace My Older Car?

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Fuel Additives

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