Preparing your car for hot weather now can save you money later!

Preparing Your Car for Summer Driving

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Recharge Your Car's AC System

Rich Finzer

And save yourself about $50!

Prepare Your Car for Summer Driving

Shaunna Privratsky

Don't take those summer drives without preparing your car first.

How the Sun Damages Your Car and What to Do About It


Your car is sensitive to sun damage, too. Here's how to protect it.

Spring Cleaning for Your Car

TDS Reader Solutions

How to clean your car's interior after a rough winter.

Cruising into Summer

courtesy of NAPSA

10 gas-saving tips before you hit the road.

6 Summer Tuneup Tips to Keep a Car in Tiptop Shape


For a long car trip, take these steps to prepare for the dog days.

How Do You Prep a Car for a Summer Road Trip?


A road trip can be tough in the heat. These moves will help your car run better.

Can I Make My Car Air Conditioner Run Colder?


A car air conditioner gets old like a car. Find out what to do with an aging AC unit.

6 Ways to Prep Your Car for Summer Driving


Getting your car ready for summer driving is cheaper and easier than ever.

Not an auto club member? Compare roadside assistance plans.

Spring Car Cleaning

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