Preparing your car for cold weather now can save you money later!

Preparing Your Car for Winter Driving

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Winter Auto Fuel Economy

Pauline Milner

Steer your vehicle towards this advice to reduce your fuel consumption while rewarding the environment with your diminished carbon footprint.

10 Ways to Keep Your Car Running This Winter

Shaunna Privratsky

Don't let cold weather kill your car!

How to Buy Snow Tires

TDS Reader Solutions

What do you need to know about buying snow tires?

Homemade Window De-Icer

TDS Reader Solutions

Ways to keep yout car ice-free this winter.

5 Ways to Prepare Your Car for Winter

Mildred Robertson

Don't get stuck in a snowbank!

A Dollar Store Auto Emergency Kit

Marlene Alexander

Using a dollar store, prepare for the quickly approaching winter months.

6 Ways to Prep Your Car for Winter Weather


Use these car care tips to stay safe while on winter roads.

6 Easy Ways to Improve Winter Gas Mileage


Cold weather is an enemy of fuel economy, but you can fight back against Old Man Winter.

When Should You Put Winter Tires on Your Car?


Winter tires grip the road better. Whether to buy them depends on the weather.

5 Tips for Using Winter Tires on Snow, Ice


Unless you want to go slip-sliding away on slick roads, make sure your tires are winter-ready.

4 Smart Auto Checks to Prevent a Winter Break Down


Jack Frost is harsh on older vehicles. Avoid a breakdown with these cold-weather checks.

4 Tips to Avoid Costly Winter Car Repairs


Winter can wreak havoc on your car. Follow these tips to stay ahead of the storm.

5 Easy DIY Car Maintenance Moves for Fall


Even if you don't know a screwdriver from a wrench, you can do these car maintenance projects.

Not an auto club member? Compare roadside assistance plans.

How Do I Know When to Install Tire Chains?


Are You a Candidate for Winter Tires?


5 Tips for Protecting Your Car's Paint in Winter


A Winter Emergency Kit

Ask Bob: The Auto Answer Man

Winterizing Your Car

Ask Bob: The Auto Answer Man

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