Be smart when it comes to managing your auto loan

Autos: Managing Loan Payments & Payoffs

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Should I Refinance My Auto Loan to a Lower Rate?

Gary Foreman

Use these tools to you reduce the time and effort to eliminate your auto loans.

Auto Loan Prepayment Penalties

Gary Foreman

There's more than one way that you can be penalized.

How to Make Principal-Only Car Loan Payments


If you make extra car payments each month, here's how to ensure they're applied to principal.

When Early Auto Loan Payoff Won't Save You Money


Depending on how interest is calculated, you may be stuck paying the entire loan term.

What If I Pay Off My Car Loan Early?


Some say it will hurt your credit score to pay off your car loan early. Here's what really happens.

Pay Half a Car Payment Twice a Month?


Making half a car payment can help you save money, but check on dealer limitations first.

Can You Save By Paying Off Car Loan Early?


To get the greatest savings, you will need to pay the loan balance as soon as possible.

Are you paying too much for auto insurance?
Make sure you're getting the lowest rate.

Should You Pay Off Car Loan Early?


If you want to make up for a crazy-high interest rate, pay an extra $100 every month.

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