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Autos: Smart Car-Trading Tips to Get You the Best Deal

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Tips on Trading in Your Car

Mark Albertson

What you should do before heading to the dealership.

Why Sell Your Used Car Rather Than Trade It?


Avoid these photo fails in online ads, and you just might sell your car more quickly.

Secrets of Car Resale Value


If you trade in your car every few years, these factors can make or break its resale value.

Trade in My Car or Put Down Cash on a New Car?


Deciding to kick in cash to cut your car loan or trade in your auto will depend on these factors.

4 Tips to Snag the Best Used-Car Trade-In


Now is a great time to trade in a used car. Do your research to sidestep the dealer's tricks.

8 Tips for Negotiating a Car Trade-In


Bargaining with a dealer on a car trade-in can be irritating, but these hints will help you beat it.

Not an auto club member? Compare roadside assistance plans.

When Your Trade-In Won't Cover Your Old Car Loan


Should You Trade or Sell a Nearly New Car?


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