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4 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Teen Auto Insurance

Lynn Kirkpatrick

For teenagers, there is perhaps nothing more exciting than passing the driver's licensing exam and being permitted to drive on your own. Unfortunately for parents, this big step also comes with a big expense. Once your teenager is licensed, he or she will need to be included on your auto insurance policy. Here are four ways to reduce the costs of your teenage driver's auto insurance.

5 Car-Buying Tips to Keep Teen Drivers Safe


Protecting teen drivers from a crash is daunting. It helps to buy a well-equipped car.

5 Teen-Driving Safety Tips to Prevent Crashes


Drive these safety points home with your teen to reduce the risk of a car accident.

Teaching Teens about Car Care before College


Keep daughter off the roadside and in class with a crash course on signs of car trouble.

5 Tips for Buying Your Teen's First Car


Your kid may want a cool ride. You are on the hunt for a cool price tag. Steer your teen to safe and affordable with these five tips that will help you and your teen go through the car search together, and ultimately find a reliable and safe car.

A Graduate's Guide to Buying a First Car


Whether you're a high school graduate heading off to college or a college graduate heading to a new job, you'll need a way to get there. But it doesn't have to kill your savings or drain your pocketbook. Consider these factors before buying.

How Can I Stop My Teen from Driving and Using a Cellphone?


Newer cars have devices to block cellphone use. If yours doesn't, here's another option.

How Can a Full-Time Student Snag a Car Loan?


Without established credit or a co-signer, you could get caught in student car loan limbo. Here's how to exit and get a decent rate on a car loan.

How Can a Young Guy Save on Car Insurance?


It's a bummer for a young man just starting out, for sure. Rates tend to be high, so learn about discounts. Here are some things you can do that can have a huge impact on your pricing, both now and in the future.

Are you paying too much for auto insurance?
Make sure you're getting the lowest rate.

Can Your Car Budget Handle a Teen Driver?


A troubled economy may force some parents to rethink the notion of a car as a mandatory teen rite of passage. Making a car available for a teen driver can have big consequences on a family's budget and car insurance rates -- not to mention the child's safety and financial mindset. So how can you determine if it makes financial sense to give the car keys to your teen?

The Car Purchase Project

Barbara Frank

When the urge to buy a car hits your teenager, it will be time for The Car Purchase Project. Their interest level will be high, and they will be more than happy to work their way closer to the day they have their own wheels.

Would an In-Car Camera Help Keep My Kid Safe?


Mom thinks a camera could help her catch Junior when he takes his seat belt off.

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