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Babies: Breastfeeding & Bottle Feeding

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The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Debra L. Karplus

In addition to the medical and health reasons to nurse one's baby instead of bottle-feeding with formula, it's convenient and it can save money, which all new parents would agree are nice benefits. If you are unsure whether you might wish to breast feed, this information can help guide you in your decision.

Getting What's Good for Your Baby

courtesy of NAPSA

We all want what's best for our baby, but for most, we still need to keep costs in check. The good news is for little or no cost, you can provide most of what your baby needs right now.

Save Money on Breastfeeding

Cathy Tanaka

While economical, breastfeeding is definitely not free when you add up the cost of a breast pump, consultations with lactation experts, and nursing gear. Try these easy ways to reduce the costs of breastfeeding even further.

Everyday Baby Items

Readers' Solutions

Whether you can't breastfeed or just feel bottlefeeding is more practical for you and your baby, you can still find ways to save. Our readers share how to find less expensive sources for baby formula and bottle liners, as well as other baby products.

We Can't Afford Baby Formula

Readers' Solutions

For some families, breastfeeding baby is not an option and formula can get very pricey, especially if your little one requires a special brand due to health issues. These suggestions and resources can help you reduce the cost of baby's formula and hopefully put some wriggle room back in the budget.

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