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Make Your Own Baby Food

Debra Karplus

Is it time to introduce baby to solid foods? If so, you want baby to be well nourished and healthy, and you probably also want an affordable way to feed your baby. Then try making your own baby food!

The Quest to Find Cheap Food for Baby

Amy Allen Clark

At six months, most babies are ready to start baby food. Should you make your own baby food? Can you use store-bought food without busting your budget? Here are some tips to feeding baby on the cheap no matter how you decide to feed baby.

Homemade Baby Foods

Cheryl Tallman and Joan Ahlers

Making homemade baby food is a simple, economical way to provide your baby with the best in quality, nutrition, and taste and give your child the best start possible. Here is how to use fresh produce, a blender and a set of ice cube trays to make baby food and freeze it in single servings in only about 30 minutes a week.

Freezing Homemade Baby Food

Rachel Paxton

Are you afraid making your own baby food will be too time consuming? Or too difficult? It's very easy to make up large quantities of baby meals and freeze them for later use. Here's how to get started.

Teether Cookies

Jonni McCoy

Don't overpay for store-bought teething cookies and biscuits. Try this recipe for homemade teether cookies that baby will love!

Baby Won't Eat

Readers' Solutions

Perhaps your baby is a picky eater or maybe he or she has food allerigies. Either way, a great solution to both challenges is to make baby's food yourself. Try these great tips for making homemade baby foods that your baby will actually eat.

Bulk Baby Cereal

Readers' Solutions

Having a baby is expensive. Having three babies at once is even more of a challenge. Dollar Stretcher readers share their tips on feeding babies, whether you have two, three or more!

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