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Baby Toys You Can Make

Debra Karplus

Babies tend to lose interest and outgrow toys quite quickly so why spend your money on over-priced store-bought toys? With a little creativity, and following a few safety guidelines, you can make fun playthings that your baby is sure to love. These ideas and guidelines will help you make baby happy and keep him or her safe while keeping parents happy with the budget.

Creative Baby Keepsakes

Kimberly Danger

Babies don't stay babies for very long. Wouldn't it be nice if you could hold on to all those cute little expressions, mannerism, and milestones? Here are eight frugally creative, yet simple ways to capture those precious moments that you can look back on as your child grows up.

Homemade Toys for Babies

Victoria Purdie

Funny how babies and toddlers seem to always enoy playing with the box than with the toy that came inside. If you are crafty, and enjoy saving your money for things other than fancy expensive toys, have a look at these 16 toys you can make for baby.

Start a Playgroup With Little or No Money

Carren W. Joye

Parents are always seeking activities to do with their children, and many parents often join or start a playgroup. If you have not found one in your area, why not start your own? This graduated step plan will get you started and help you form your playgroup on whatever budget you have available.

No Cost Ways to Show Your Love

Brenda Nixon

Hopefully all parents like to find meaningful ways to show love to their child. And there are a variety of no-cost ways to communicate this to our kids long before they can walk or talk. Use these simple ideas to show your love to your child each day. There are suggestions for age brackets beginning from 0 to 6 months up through age 5.

Cleaning Stuffed Animals

Reader Solutions

With babies, everything goes right into the mouth so you want their toys to be as clean as possible. These tips will help you keep baby's stuffed toys clean without ruining them.

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