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Banking: Checking Accounts

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Do I Still Need to Have Paper Checks for My Checking Account?

TDS Reader Solutions

You never use them. But should you have them anyway?

Checking and Savings Accounts

Gary Foreman

Should you separate money saved for larger purchases?

Balancing the Impossible Checkbook

TDS Reader Solutions

How do you begin to balance a check book that seems to be alwasy out of balance?

Prepaid Cards vs. Checking Accountsk

Doresa Banning

What's best for you wallet?

How to Get the Most Out of a Checking Account Bonus


We found you can earn up quite a nice bonus by opening a checking account. But beware of strings.

Smart Banking: Checking versus Savings Accounts


Checking and savings accounts serve different purposes. Should you have both?

Finding the High Yields


Is high-yield checking right for you? First, you should consider the fine print.

Boost Your Cash with High-Yield Checking


High-yield checking won't make you rich, but you'll beat the return of other bank accounts.

4 Steps to Choose the Best Checking Account Bonus


Signing up for a checking account can get you gift cards, travel miles and other swag.

How to Find Free Checking


Free checking is getting scarcer, but you can find it if you know where to look.

Do You Order Cheap Checks? Why You May Be Leaving Youself Vulnerable to Fraud


We put one check-ordering company to the test. See how it failed miserably.

Can't Get Free Checking without Direct Deposit?


Can't find free checking unless you sign up for direct deposit? Try this option.

Buying Checks? To Save Money, Avoid Your Bank


If you haven't bought checks recently, the cost may surprise you. Here's how to save.

4 Tips to Maximize Your Checking Account


There's no plain-vanilla checking anymore. Learn what perks come with the accounts.

E-Checking: A Checkless-Checking Primer


If you hate writing paper checks, e-checking may be for you. Here's what to know.

7 Questions Before Choosing a Checking Account


Checking account choices abound. Ask yourself these questions before deciding on one.

Smart Banking: 'Free' Checking is Not Always Free


Read the fine print to find out if it's free checking or a "free" account with strings.

5 Common Requirements of High-Yield Checking


You can't get higher rates without a little pain. You'll have to meet certain conditions first.

6 Must-Have Features for Checking Accounts


Is your checking account boring? Jazz it up with these elements.

Get the interest your deserve!
Compare savings account rates with our best rate finder.

Steps to Move Checking Account to New Bank


Switching banks can be complicated. Follow four steps to "check out" of your old account.

Why You Should Balance Your Checking Account


With online banking and mobile apps, why check on your checking? For these reasons, that's why.

Checking Account Do's and Don'ts


Look for ways to avoid hidden fees to get the most from your checking account.

Your Checking Account

Terry Rigg

Has your checking account gotten harder to balance?

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