How to find the right bank for your needs

Choosing a Bank

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Bonus or Bait?

Gary Foreman

What's 'the catch' with banking bonuses? Are these offers real?

Should You Do Your Banking at a Savings and Loan?


These institutions stand up for the little guy, but their appeal has waned. Here's why.

Credit Unions vs. Banks: What's the Difference?


They both offer traditional banking services, but that's where the similarities end.

How to Win a Better Bank Account


Is your bank account right for you? It might be time to investigate.

How to Find the Best Bank


How do you find the best bank for you? It's all about fees and services.

Bank Loyalty Rewards You Might Be Missing Out On


Banks want (more of) your business. Here's how to earn juicy perks like loan discounts.

7 Questions to Ask Before You Switch Banks


The following seven questions can help you find the bank that fits your financial needs.

Community Banks vs. Big Banks


Find out more about your options in community and big banks.

6 Cold, Hard Truths to Know When Choosing a Bank


Follow these precepts for the lowest fees, highest rates and best service at your next bank.

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7 Questions to Ask before You Switch Banks


Thinking of switching banks? Skip the free toaster, and check these factors first.

What is the Best Way to Bank for Your Buck?


With so many choices in financial institutions, it pays to learn the differences.

Which is Safer: Bank or Credit Union?


All deposits are insured, but you can still determine the safety of each institution.

Should You Choose a Community Bank?


Should you choose a community bank? Or will a big national bank better serve your needs?

Choosing the Right Bank Account


There are three reasons to hold cash, and they dictate the right type of bank account for you.

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