FAQs about car loans and bankruptcy

Bankruptcy and Your Auto Loans

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Can I Buy a Car after Filing Ch. 7 Bankruptcy?


Years ago, buying a car after bankruptcy was next to impossible. Thankfully, times have changed.

How to Keep Your Car During Bankruptcy


If you want to hold on to your wheels after Chapter 7, you'll have to sign a reaffirmation agreement.

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3 Options to Protect Your Car in Bankruptcy


You can sometimes keep your car in bankruptcy. If not, you may be able to protect part of its value.

Could Selling Car Hinder Bankruptcy Filing?


You needed money and sold your car. Now that you're filing bankruptcy, could it mean trouble?

Include Car-Title Loans in Bankruptcy?


Car-title loans are dangerous beasts. Be careful when putting them in bankruptcy.

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Can Lender Repossess My Car in Bankruptcy?


Trying to avoid the repo man? Here's how bankruptcy can and can't shield you.

Risks of Including Car Loan in Bankruptcy


Reaffirming a car loan in bankruptcy can have negative consequences if you aren't careful.

Am I a good candidate for bankruptcy?

Keeping Your Car: Auto Loans in Bankruptcy


Bankruptcy doesn't have to mean losing your wheels. What can you do to keep them?

5 Car Loan Options in Bankruptcy


You can surrender your auto but there are other optiosn for keeping your car during a bankruptcy.

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