Some things you should consider and know before filing

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

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What is the truth about bankruptcy?

Which Bankruptcy: Chapter 7 or Chapter 13?


To make the best decision about which form of bankruptcy to file, first gather this information.

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Filing Chapter 7 on Your Own? Avoid these Mistakes


It's easy to miss documents and not file statements when you file for bankruptcy yourself.

What Can Creditors Take in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?


When filing Chapter 7, you must disclose all assets, but it doesn't mean you can't keep some.

Find and List All Collection Agencies in Bankruptcy?


Filing for bankruptcy means listing your creditors from old debts. But how do you find them all?

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How to Keep Your Car During Chapter 7 Bankruptcy


If you want to hold on to your wheels after Chapter 7, you'll have to sign a reaffirmation agreement.

How Safe is My Home in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?


A bankruptcy trustee can't keep a case open indefinitely, waiting for a home's value to go up.

Protect Home by Filing Chapter 7?


Mounting debts from job loss are tough. Know when to file bankruptcy so it doesn't hurt you.

Am I a good candidate for bankruptcy?

What Should You Say to Save House in Bankruptcy?


Reaffirm? Redeem? Other? Know the options in a Chapter 7 filing if you want to keep your home.

Can I Buy a Car after Filing Ch. 7 Bankruptcy?


Years ago, buying a car after bankruptcy was next to impossible. Thankfully, times have changed.

Convert from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 in Bankruptcy?


Certain requirements must be met before you can convert your bankruptcy from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7.

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