Guidelines to help decide if bankruptcy is the best solution for you

Deciding Whether to File Bankruptcy

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Am I a Good Candidate for Bankruptcy?

Gary Foreman

Use these guidelines to determine if bankruptcy might be the best choice for your financial situation.

Overcoming the Emotional Costs of Bankruptcy

TDS Reader Contributors

Will others know? What should they say?

Struggling Under Medical and Credit Card Debt

Steve Rhode

What are the best options?

Should I File for Bankruptcy with a $12K Debt?


Bankruptcy isn't a cure-all. You should avoid it if you can't afford these consequences.

Debt Book

Can Bankruptcy Wipe Out Student Debt?

Steve Rhode

The Department of Education is supposed to get more reasonable about approving federal student loans for discharge in bankruptcy. Until then, these are your options.

File Bankruptcy Myself, Stop Wage Garnishment?


You don't need a lawyer, but you do need to take these steps to protect pay through bankruptcy.

Multiple Forms of Debt Could Mean Bankruptcy


For debts ranging from back taxes to lawsuits, look at all your options before seeking bankruptcy.

Choose Bankruptcy?

Gary Foreman

When credit counseling is not enough to overcome your debt problem.

Deciding Whether to File Bankruptcy


When you're free of an upside-down mortgage but still shackled by debt, bankruptcy isn't always the answer.

Have you decided not to do anything about your debts? Here's what the future has in store for you.

Should I File Bankruptcy to Avoid Debt Collectors?


Debts of $15K aren't outrageous, but when you're jobless, bankruptcy may work best.

When to Choose Bankruptcy over Debt Management


Bankruptcy and debt management are two ways to get out of debt. Which is right for you?

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Worst-Case Scenarios when Filing Bankruptcy


What's the worst that can happen when you file bankruptcy or go into credit counseling?

Declaring Bankruptcy

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Is it the best way out?

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