Bankruptcy tips both for during and post-divorce

Bankruptcy and Divorce

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Should I File for Bankruptcy After My Divorce?

Steve Rhode

What's the best strategy for rebuilding her credit score?

Divorce and Bankruptcy: A Primer


When one party in a divorce files bankruptcy, it can make a messy affair even messier. Find out why.

Which Should I File First: Divorce or Bankruptcy?


Before you file for divorce, you'll want to file for bankruptcy. But there are other steps, too.

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How Does Divorce Affect Bankruptcy and Mortgage?


Your name won't come off the mortgage in a divorce, but bankruptcy will clear your liability.

Ex Filed Bankruptcy. Do I Still Have to Pay?


Should a man keep paying on his bike when his ex-wife included the loan in bankruptcy?

Am I a good candidate for bankruptcy?

Can I Make My Ex Pay Our Old Debt?


Thankfully for you, a divorce decree trumps a bankruptcy filing when dealing with debts.

Divorced and Unemployed: Time for Bankruptcy?


Divorce can pummel your finances, especially if you're unemployed. Is bankruptcy the answer?

Going Through Divorce in Bankruptcy


Add divorce to bankruptcy and you'll want to consider these alternatives to make things easier.

Divorce Could Alter Bankruptcy


The higher cost of separate households could force a change from Chapter 13 to Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

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Divorce No Protection from Ex's Bankruptcy


Learn your legal options and financial obligations if an ex-spouse is considering a post-divorce bankruptcy.

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