Things you should know before filing bankruptcy near or during retirement

Bankruptcy In/Near Retirement

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What You Should Know About Declaring Bankruptcy In Retirement

Gary Foreman

If you're retired and carrying debts you need to read this article.

Does Bankruptcy in Retirement Make Sense?


Seniors in debt should consider these six questions before filing for bankruptcy.

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Use Bankruptcy to Wipe Credit Card Debt in Retirement?


Cashing out your 401(k) instead of filing bankruptcy may be riskier than you think.

Bankruptcy and Reverse Mortgage Payments


When you rely on the proceeds of a reverse mortgage, do research before filing bankruptcy.

Am I a good candidate for bankruptcy?

Can Mom File Bankruptcy to Escape Reverse Mortgage?


Keeping up with reverse mortgage fees can be daunting. There may be a way out.

Can Senior Protect Savings with Bankruptcy?


For older people in debt, bankruptcy may not even be an option if they have too much saved.

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Is Bankruptcy an Option with Reverse Mortgage?


Make sure to look at these three items before filing for bankruptcy with a reverse mortgage.

60 Years Old and $60K in Debt


Bankruptcy could be an option when you are near retirement and earning less than minimum wage.

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