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Beauty on a Budget: Tips & Tricks

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Beauty or the Budget Beast

contributed by Van

One can waste thousands of dollars a year and still not get the "look" one desires. So why spend the money? Instead use these natural beauty guidelines and tame the beauty budget once and for all.

How to Prolong the Life of Your Beauty Products

Olga Baker

Let's face it. We don't always do a great job at getting the most out of our beauty products. These tips will help you change that.

Pros and Cons of Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Readers' Solutions

Many of us would like whiter teeth. But, it's costly to have it done by a dentist. Do any of those home whitening kits really work? Our readers explore this question and share their ideas.

Other Uses for 'Body Wash'

Readers' Solutions

She found a great sale on body wash and stocked up. Now she's thinking that she may have gone too far and has a lifetime supply on her hands. She's looking for ways to use all that body wash. Our great readers help her out with suggestions.

Wellness and Beauty on a Budget

by Tiffany Fluhme, CEO of Fluhme Beauty

Women who take care of themselves on a routine basis tend to feel more confident and possess better self-esteem. This reflects positively at work and at home. Try these tips for wellness and beauty on a budget.

Stock Your Bathroom On The Cheap

Amy Robleski

Any dollar stretcher knows that you can never cut enough corners. It may seem inexpensive to fill your bathroom with the supplies you and your family need to stay groomed, but this area of the household is also one that you can use to save money. Try these tips to keep your toiletry budget soft and manageable.

Beauty and the No-Beast Budget

Anne Katir

When your salary can't compete and the department store make-up counter makes you feel faint, what's a budget-minded girl to do? Meet beauty and the no-beast budget with these affordable beauty products and tips.

Frugal Beauty Tips

contributed by The Diva

I am a hard-working woman that's putting herself through law school. "The Diva" cannot afford to buy the expensive cosmetics and treatments she would like. Through experimentation, I have found some great budget-friendly tips to look great and feel great on the cheap. Here are my tips.

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Uses for Excess Body Wash

Readers' Solutions

Cutting the Costs of Beauty Products

My Story - contributed by Jennifer

5 Cheap Beauty Tricks

My Story - contributed by Sabrina

Big Savings on Beauty Supplies

My Story - contributed by JS

Beauty at What Price?

Jennifer Beam

Teeth Whitening

Readers' Solutions

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