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Beauty on a Budget: Face & Nails

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Less Expensive Manicures

Readers' Solutions

I love professional manicures, but I can no longer afford the luxury. I've attempted it on my own a few times at home and cannot come close to the "polished" look from a nail technician. Do I need a more expensive polish or a better top coat? How important is a base coat? Our readers share their tips on less expensive manicures

How to Buy Lipstick for Less

Readers' Solutions

How can I buy a whole bunch of different lipsticks and still have enough money left to go out? Our readers share their thoughts.

The Secret to DIY Nail Art

Readers' Solutions

Do you lack time to do your nails yourself? Don't have the tools? If you can relate to these questions, certainly this article is just for you. Read on!

Maybelline Volum' Express Falsies Mascara Review

Kathleen M.A. Powell

It's a shame to waste money on department store mascara, only to be disappointed by the results. As a makeup artist, I am here to save you from spending your hard-earned money on expensive mascaras that don't deliver.

From Problem Nails to Pretty Nails

contributed by Joyce H. Ackley

After trying many products for my problem nails, I've found there's no "miracle" fix. The key to improving problem nails is consistent nail care and maintenance. Here's how to accomplish that.

Why I Stopped Wearing Mascara

Janet Freitag

My morning routine is a little bit shorter and easier without applying eye make-up. I don't use mascara, eyeliner, shadow, or eye make-up remover. I still feel "made up" when I go out and I don't worry about dark smudges under my eyes. This decision has actually made me feel more confident about my appearance.

The Budget Smart Girl's Guide to Make-Up

Susan Palmquist

Diamonds might be a girl's best friend, but for most of us, make up comes in second. So how's a smart girl to save money on make up?

Drugstore Doubles: The Best In Beauty

Paula Begoun

Many consumers believe that expensive means "better" in the world of beauty, but the truth is there are impressive skin care and makeup products at all prices. This list contains some of the best options.

Natural Products for Beautiful Hands and Nails

Irene Helen Zundel

Your hands and nails can really take a beating! If you don't care for your hands, you may find yourself with broken fingernails and skin that rivals an alligator's. Store-bought products aren't always the best remedy. Would you like to pamper your hands and have beautiful nails and glowing soft skin for mere pennies? Well, you're in luck! Here are 3 hand and nail fixes that can easily be whipped up at home.

Face Facts: Don't Shop for Cosmetics Until You Read This

Paula Begoun

What is possible when it comes to your skin? If you can accept these facts, you will be less likely to waste money on skin care products. You'll save if you base your purchases on these facts.

Crazy Things Fashion Magazines Say about Cosmetics

Readers' Solutions

Has anyone noticed that fashion magazines only tell us about the products celebrities, models, readers, or editors liked? If fashion magazines were truly objective, maybe they should tell us what products their readers, editors, or celebrities didn't like or even hated?

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Finding Ingredients for Natural Cosmetics

Apoorva Rao

Saving Money on Make-Up

Lauren Pettit

Homemade Cosmetics

Sandra Kinney

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