How to best take advantage of those after-Christmas bargains

Christmas: After-Christmas Sale Shoping Tips

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Wrap Up the Holidays in Style

Shaunna Privratsky

Whether your holidays were wonderful or less than merry, most of us experience a letdown after the holiday season. Instead of singing the blues, try these easy steps to wrap up the holidays in style.

Start Next Year's Holiday Shopping Now

R. Kellogg

On the day after Christmas, where do we find savvy shoppers? At the store, of course. A smart holiday shopper probably took care of most of this year's shopping last January. Now it's time to plan for next year.

Make the Most of After-Christmas Sales

Deana Ricks and Angie Zalewski

Wouldn't it be awesome if the best parts of Christmas could last all year long? Well, after-Christmas sales can make your wallet do a happy dance month after month. Here's how to take advantage of the year's best sales.

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