Easy ideas for holiday decorating on a dime

Christmas: Decorating

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Clear Out Christmas Clutter

Shaunna Privratsky

Are you up to your eye balls in holiday decorations? Here are some tips on clearing out the Christmas clutter and putting the merry back in Christmas.

Holiday Table Décor

TDS Reader Solutions

Our readers share their best festive, but frugal, holiday table décor ideas.

How to Avoid Overloaded Electric This Christmas

Benjamin Roussey

Don't risk blown circuits or worse! Use these tips to power your hoiliday decorations the safe way.

Inexpensive Holiday Table Décor

Shaunna Privratsky

You don't have to be a decorating genius like Martha Stewart to set a gorgeous holiday table. It just takes a little creativity, a few festive touches, and a sprinkle of holiday spirit, and you can have great looking inexpensive holiday table décor.

Holiday Lighting Tricks to Brighten on a Budget


It's time to break out the decorations and light up the house to show holiday spirit. But how do you keep the house looking festive without breaking the bank with your electric bill?

Frugal Holiday Decorating Ideas

Reader Solutions

Beautiful holiday decor does not have to be expensive. Our readers share their ideas on how to do holiday decorating the frugal, yet festive way!

Last Minute Holiday Touches on the Cheap!

Kathleen Wilson

Last minute details can take a holiday home from ho ho hum to spectacular, and it doesn't have to cost a fortune! Here are some great quick, easy, and inexpensive ideas to wow your guests and comfort your family.

DIY Christmas Topiaries

Reader Solutions

Our readers share their great ideas for making festive DIY Christmas topiaries.

LED's = Yuletide Savings

Rich Finzer

You may love all those pretty colors of Christmas lights, but paying your electric bill becomes a belated Christmas present to your power provider. A cheaper solution is colored LED Christmas lights!

10 Simple Ways to Get Your Home in the Holiday Spirit in a Hurry

Shaunna Privratsky

Company's coming and you haven't had a chance to decorate! Before you panic, read these tips. Don't worry. It is never too late to decorate. Here are 10 easy ways to get your home in the holiday spirit in a hurry.

Kids and Holiday Decorating: Frugal, Fast and Easy

Kathy Wilson

What fun would the holidays be if you didn't include your kids in the decorating? Here are some great ideas for easy decorating with your little ones without breaking the bank.

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Christmas Table Decorations

Reader Solutions

Use What Your Have Holiday Decorating

Kathy Wilson

10 Great Holiday Decorating Ideas

Kathleen Wilson

Refreshing Old Holiday Decorations

Reader Solutions

Enjoying Natural Holiday Decor (without Bugs!)

TDS Reader Solutions

Holiday Decor on the Tightest Budget

Kathleen Wilson

Charming Animal Cracker Ornaments

Brenda Hyde

Holiday Decorating for Pennypinchers

Kathleen Wilson

Inexpensive Homemade Holiday Decorations

Reader Solutions

Homemade Holiday Decorations

Reader Solutions

Traditional Christmas Crafts: Pomanders and Herb Balls

Rae Osenbaugh

Frugal Christmas Decorations

Nanette Blanchard

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