Things to do with those unwanted Christmas gifts

Christmas: Gift Returns & Regifting

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How to Have Many Happy Gift Returns


Did your peach of an aunt send you a lemon of a holiday gift? That's okay. Exchanging unwanted presents is as much a day-after-the-holiday tradition as eating leftovers.

5 Ways to Ditch Your Unwanted Holiday Gifts


Ditching unwanted holiday gifts is easier than ever and can stretch your dollars, too. Here are five ways to get rid of gifts that weren't on your holiday list.

New Ways to Sell Unwanted Gift Cards


Got a gift card to a store you never go to? It may be a bit more tricky than it has been in years past to sell or trade that gift card for something better online. Here's how to navigate through.

The Etiquette of Exchanging

Shaunna Privratsky

If exchanging purchases and returning merchandise make you groan, here are some tips to make returns easier and exchanges effortless.

The Rules of Re-gifting

Shaunna Privratsky

Re-gifting is the process of giving one of your unwanted gifts to someone else. Do it wrong, and you could be humiliated for life.

Unwanted Christmas Gifts

Reader Solutions

During the holidays, we all receive gifts from well-meaning friends and family that we can't use. Our readers share their suggestions for handling this delicate situation.

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